Breeders of 'world-class' baroque 

sport horses since 1990


Arjen 417 Sport x Ludse 305 - 

RITSKE 202 Preferent LINE

Greta has elevated and roomy movement with high knee action and a powerful back end. She has the most loving, people-orientated nature inherited from her dam line (Granddam bred by Classical Sporthorse Stud). This is a highly fertile line. 

In her second-generation she carries a World-Champion and Prix St George level sire as well as a prolific producer of high-level FEI dressage horses. In her third-generation there are three high-level sport horses - Inter I, Prix St George, and High School 

Greta is a baroque Friesian and passes on her bone, movement, and fabulous nature to her foals.

Negative for Friesian dwarfism and hydrocephalus


Sire: HABANERO XCVI (frozen semen)

Dam: Mayville Lodge Arian

Chilli is the 'only' purebred Andalusian in Australia sired by the International Champion PRE stallion Habanero XCVI who was judged by Juan Llamas as yearling (Great Britain) to receive the Bronze Medal. He was later exported to USA to become a successful sire of dressage horses. His sire is Oleaje the international Grand Prix stallion who won a silver medal in dressage at the 2004 Athens Olympics. 

Chilli's dam line is known for producing horses with exceptional movement and rideability and carries the sought after bloodlines of the high school trained (Domecq Royal Riding School in Jerez, Spain) and FEI competitor Hortelano VII and Dacio III (Carthusian). Chilli has exceptional movement - the best we have seen - suspension a foot off the ground and good extension.


Sire Line: Arjen 417 Sport x Ulbert 390 Sport

Dam Line: Anchobar Fornido x (Dacio III dam line)

Madeliene catches the eye of everyone who visits the stud. She is a sweet-natured mare with an exceptional movement - natural extension and nimble like a cat. 

In Madeliene's second generation is a World-Champion and Prix St George level competitor. In her third-generation are Inter 1 and Prix St George level sires along with Dacio III (Carthusian).

Madeliene is a half sister to our Friesian mare - Margriet.

Negative for Friesian dwarfism and hydrocephalus


Sire: Bonne 341 (by Gerlof 294)

Dam: Otie B Ster (by Doeke by Peke)

A beautiful luxurious mare with the sweetest of natures, Sibbelien is baroque in type and unmistakably carries the coveted Peke bloodline. Before being imported to Australia she was a champion performance horse in Holland and has a legacy of producing top-notch children internationally (Holland and Australia) including three Ster and one Sport progeny in the main KFPS studbook. She only needs to have one more of her progeny rated Ster and she will be graded Preferent.

Negative for Friesian dwarfism and hydrocephalus