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We all deserve the best horse...

Everyone is welcome to enquire about our horses...

If you have the love and time to give them, the experience to ensure they are always treated kindly and fairly in their training and life in general and the facilities to keep them safe… then that is a good start.

My main priority is their happiness… That they have ‘their’ person which is what they have been bred for to bond with someone. 

I do not sell to novice owners/riders or dealers.

If you are interested in having a CSS please call us directly to discuss a plan.


Young stock – Warlander (F1, F2) and pure Spanish Andalusian from $12,000

Young stock –Friesian (Frozen Semen Ritske 202 Pref/Age 168) POA Email your preference

Adult stock – Email your preference and we will advise on availability and price

2021 breedings...

2021 Breedings: Reserve your interest and Payment Plans available

HH Astor x HH Chilli (Pure Spanish)

HH Astor x Madeliene (F2 Warlander)

HH Astor x Margriet (F1 Warlander)

2022 breedings...

In 2022 we will cross our Ritske line mare Margriet (frozen semen and ET) with the the pure Age 168 line preferent stallion Lammert 260. Lammert was the first Friesian stallion to reach Class Z dressage. This was at the time unique. It is therefore not surprising that he sired a number of above-average dressage horses. Lammert 260 Pref died 20 Jan 2003