Breeders of 'world-class' baroque 

sport horses since 1990

Breeding Philosophy...

The CSS breeding program is based on these foundations

• TRAINABILITY - All mares and stallions used are stacked on sire and dam line within the first four generations with FEI Grand Prix (Olympic level), Prix St George, Inter I and II, Advanced Medium, and World Champions of their breed as well as the world’s most prolific dressage producing sires. This gives our horses an exceptional level of trainability

• Hybrid Vigour is created by outcrossing unrelated and complementary lines

• Work Ethic - All of our horses are trained so we know they possess a high ability to want to work with you

• All of our horses have world-class movement with special attention paid to the quality of the walk and canter. You will find the best-moving horses at CSS – all possessing the natural ability to collect plus high levels of natural suspension and extension

* Our horses carry no genetic defects and are bred for long, sound, and healthy lives


* Great care is taken to expertly evaluate conformation based on breed standards and to ensure that all breedings are an 'improvement'. Our horses have exceptional conformation

We do not breed for colour or any fads.

'Our breeding program 'does' have an 'end' date but until then, I aim to breed the best examples of the 'Warlander' horse - true to breed standard, elegant and noble Pure Spanish Andalusian horses, and rare Ritske 202 Pref (baroque line) and Age 168 (Classic line) purebred Friesian horses.

Our horse's happiness and well-being ais my main priority. From birth, they are well socialised and professionally handled and live in a family environment where our stallion is not segregated.

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The first Friesian horse we owned left us at 26 years but still lives on in the first to the fourth generation of our breeding program - the baroque high school trained stallion - Valentino El Domino Classique.

Rangemore Zafira a Bocado Andalusian mare of the 'quality' that you don't see too often. She was a full sister to at that time, the highest-rated

FEI dressage purebred Andalusian in Asia Pacific. We are thankful that we have her son CS Invictus (Warlander) whose sire is our beloved Domino.

Undoubtedly, the world's most famous Friesian part-bred - Classique Heidi who left CSS as a well-handled three-year-old and walked straight onto a movie set. She had a stellar movie career and sadly passed at 20 years old after her last appearance on Frontier.