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sport horses since 1990



Classical Sporthorse Stud

Warlander • Andalusian 

• Baroque Friesian

The CSS Story

The Classical Sporthorse Stud (CSS) was founded by New Zealand born, Karen-Maree’ Kaye in 1990 and is based in the Swan Valley, Western Australia.

Karen created CSS because the ‘type’ of horse she wanted to train herself in Classical Dressage (high school) was rare at best… so she set about developing one.

The horse Karen has been breeding for for herself and trusted friends is baroque in type (round with bone), light of movement with spring, flex and sit, can collect easily, glorious front end, stunningly beautiful and possesses a high level of trainability.

"These CSS horses naturally dance and it has been not uncommon to hear owners asking... “Did you teach this horse to Piaffe because he is doing it”... naturally.... or seeing them practicing their skills alone... bouncing is a favourite to get the height and power for the airs above the ground." said Karen.

The type of horse that Karen developed is known as the Warlander (Friesian/Iberian hybrid 25-75% ratio) and is found in nearly every continent of the world, is moving into third generation and is regulated by a mother studbook.

“The Warlander will always be my baby... from picking the name, to developing the breed standard and future plan… to the birth of the world’s first Warlander at CSS.

"If you really want to know what the Warlander is about you will find them in their purest, most correct (breed standard) form at CSS because the Warlander breed standard is the map of the horse I have been breeding at CSS for over 30 years," said Karen.

Above: Main Studbook Warlander - CS Invictus. 

Retained by Karen for high school training

CSS breeds two distinct types of horse –

Baroque and Sport

"The rare Friesian lines of Ritske 202 Pref (baroque) and Age 168 (Classic) have always been the foundation of my Warlander and pure Friesian breeding program.

"Bone (a prerequisite of the Warlander breed standard), fabulous movement, longevity, no genetic defects and a loving, dog like nature are the attributes my CSS fourth generation Friesian line pass onto their progeny.

"My Andalusian lines are taller and finer and exceptionally bred (Harmony Hills) first and second generation frozen semen kids who are the 'whole' package and more. Importantly, they produce and even better themselves in their progeny who are all laid back, sweet and stunning with a lot of sport aptitude.

"All CSS horses have big characters and they are intelligent... and they like their food.

Above: Felix de kat CS - Friesian stallion (SOLD)

Above: Harmony Hills Astor - 

Pure Spanish Andalusian Stallion (At Stud)

"CSS horses are suited to all dressage, (FEI, Classical and Academic), Driving, Trail Riding and Pleasure, Adult Riding, Working Equitation, Commercial work, Show, breed. They liked a good bit of fussing over and being the centre of attention.

“Breeding a horse for myself did not go to plan and it took 22 years before I could get to keep one. I suppose it says a lot about staying true to your standards and breeding ‘tick all the boxes’ horses because they find their people and go to some fabulous homes," said Karen

"I am proud of my horses achievements… Several placed Australia in international competition (World Cup - Driving), to acclaimed Classical and FEI (Grand Prix) competitors training my horses to them starring in big International Movies and Australian Television series…

“But what makes me most happy is knowing my kids are loved, because regardless of what job they are given to do they need ‘their person’ or ‘persons,” finishes Karen.


Australian Movie Livestock highly recommends Classical Sporthorse Stud for producing purpose-bred horses of an exceptional level that not only have the beauty and conformation, but the ‘brain’ needed for high-level commercial work.

We used CSS horses on international movies, television series and commercials. They were so prized they were only used for the lead actors and ridden by children on the television series Thunderstone. Some of the actors have been Heath Ledger, Sam Elliott, Jon Voight and Mary Steenburgen and Clancy Brown.

We loved Classique Heidi and her two siblings Corrinda and Melody, all of whom were also sports competitors in their own right - always the winners at shows, often beating the purebreds in hand, ridden and driven events up to World Cup Level placing Australia internationally in driven competition. 

The next generation of the girl’s progeny have since gone onto to be successful competition and entertainment horses.

CS Dominador - the world's first Warlander. Thank you Kate for loving him to the end... Clyde was a robust 16 hand ball of mischief who naturally performed the high school movements.


“He was certainly had a character – cheeky and, wouldn’t cross a blooming’ puddle for love or money. “I remember one dressage competition, he would not cross a puddle to go into the indoor... up on his hind legs being dramatic. A little girl on an 11hh pony asked me if I needed a lead. Gratefully, I said yes. He followed the pony across with the most enormous cat leap (gotta love those) and proceeded to win the test with 74%.

”Darling Clyde was gently laid to rest at my parent’s property in the Snowy Mountains NSW with his best friend. Thank you so much for choosing me to be his owner. He will be greatly missed.

Above: Dianne CS - Pure Spanish filly born 2020