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Classical Sporthorse Stud

Warlander • Andalusian 

• Baroque Friesian

The Classical Sporthorse Stud (CSS) has been in operation since 1990 producing elite sport horses who have competed at World Cup level ‘internationally’ as well as some of the most acclaimed movie horses in the world - who have been the mounts of children in television series and movie actors such as Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Sam Elliot, Jon Voight, Mary Steenburgen and Clancy Brown to name a few.

Nowadays, we breed horses purely for ‘ourselves’ – 'specialist horses' that are purpose-bred for the Haute école (High school dressage) and we offer full siblings to horses we keep for training in this beautiful art. As such, our horses are suited to excel in Dressage (Classical, Academic, and FEI), Working Equitation, Driving and any number of recreational pursuits including Show Classes. Because of the depth of breeding, all horses from CSS will enhance any breeding program.

We breed two distinct types of horses. Baroque Friesian and Warlander horses who possess ample bone, are light in movement, comfortable to ride, extremely beautiful, and importantly have a superior trainability. Our pure Spanish Andalusians are finer and taller.

In 1990, Karen-Maree’ Kaye developed the Warlander breed specifically for herself to train in high school (name, breed standard, and future plan). The Warlander is now found world-wide and is regulated by a governing studbook. To read more about Karen-Maree’s development of the Warlander visit

Some of our Horses...


Rising 4 purebred 'baroque' Friesian stallion, broken to saddle -fabulous nature and movement FOR SALE

HH Astor

Pure Spanish Andalusian stallion - AT STUD

CS Invictus

Main Studbook Warlander - retained by stud for training to High School (Classical Dressage)