Breeders and Trainers of:
Warlander, Friesian and Andalusian horses

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The Warlander horse
officially began in 1990, when West Australian Karen-Maree’ Kaye of the Classical Sporthorse Stud - a devotee of Classical Equitation, began a dedicated breeding program,
penned the first breed standard a
nd nam
ed the breed.

The 'Warlander' is a hybrid of the pure Friesian and Iberian horse breeds. The name 'Warlander' only applies to horses who have been verified to meet the 'standard' and registered as such with the Warlander Studbook. The Warlander is now found world-wide including North and South America, Africa, Europe and it's country of origin - Australia. For more information visit:

Pictured: Warlander Gelding CS Invictus (Bear) Sire: Valentino El Domino Classique. Dam: Rangemore Zafira.  Image shows Bear's fifth day under saddle as a five year old ridden by Leah Dowson.  CSS horses receive a methodical education in hand and on the longe before commencing their ridden careers as adult mature horses.